Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~The Story Of A very LUCKY guy~

It has been a long long time.. since my last post... So let start off with the story of a very very lucky guy that have always been say (dark) bad luck by his friends...

Almost 3rd week since my last final paper but i am still here in UTP.. Many have gone so just left me and yuan bin (yudan) in the male block. Earlier juz now, yuan bin and me plan to have dinner in V5 western targeting at their famous alabama chicken...

Case 1
Before reaching..
Yudan : you r .. very dark gar.. always come wan eat western together wit u also no open geh... let me peep peep 1st..
Me : Eh , got open wor.. see i no dark jor... Kak, alabama chic pls....
Western Kakak : alabama chic habis la... chicken chop ada
Me : Then chic chop rice la..
Western Kakak : Rice pun habis...
Me : erppp....
Yudan : say u very dark geh lar... no believe...

Case 2
After ordering chic chop, we proceed to buy drinks but the kopetro is closed .. so we go to the drink stall at v5 cafe.. no drinks also...
So, yudan suggest we go press drinks from the machine

Machine 1 V5C...
Yudan :Eih... got 10 cent inside the machine wor.. waa untung.. put 20 cent inside sin..
Dling Dling

Me : Waa.. got 40 cent came out wor...
Yudan :Yalo yalo... let me put the 40 cent inside see got more money out mou...

Erp.. the machine eat all the 40 cent jor... ( moral of the story : got untung muz faster run jor...)

Machine 2 V5A...
Next we proceed to second machine....
Yudan :Waa... this one got 80 cent inside tim.. try try add 10 cent sin
Me : Erp... rosak also la.....
Yudan :aaargh.. u r, very dark kar..

Machine 3 V5B...
3rd machine... this one seems workin but in the end cannot also
Yudan :aaargh.. you really very dark kar

Haizz... no choice.. go 3 machine also spoilt.. .really wan say i no dark also cannot.... so u all say i dark mou?


i think i am lucky wor... at least i got chicken chop eat... not like the stray dogs at pulau ketam.. giv ppl throw to magrove place.. nothing to eat.. left to die... check this link http://www.mycen.com.my/rescue/updates.html kesian them.. hope they all will be saved asap

i am lucky bcos no carbonate drinks to drink.. no need add so many sugar and bcome fat fat mar.. hahahaha


In the end, i go back to v5 cafe drink stall after finishin my chic chop and saw got 7up there dee.. the boss juz take out from the freezer storage... hahaha... see i am realli lucky.
(moral of the story : Never giv up!!!...)

Haizz but today actualli is a sad sad day for me and i cant make it for the cheap FYP hardbound trip early next morning bcos i forgot that my appendix need to be photostap 1st... but dont worry i wont be sad for long cos i crazy der... (^_<)~ Nvr giv up o~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Bear's Love Story

Today, i went to my late afternoon class even there is thunder storm rolling outside there... okay i was crapping.. it is juz heavy rain.... but the lecturer dint come =~~(..
So i get a gal friend for my pooh bear

And this is the love story of a bear and a tiger...... ( juz a story created by me.. tiada kena mengena dgn siapa siapa yg hidup maupun mati...)

Finally tiger decided to give it a try.... but....

Bear was so sad... haizzz....

But he dint give up... and he came back for a second try...

and bear manage to touch Tiger's heart..

and they live happily ever after....
Haizzz, see my pooh Bear so brave and so pandai court his Tiger.. I need to learn from him luu...
This where i get Tiger, get it urself if u love papercraft and cute stuff.. http://rommy.kamimodel.com/ .My friends ask me why i have so free go do this stuff and have the patient to do it??... It's simply because it's my hobby, i like art, i like design and i like cute stuff... Others play game, watch movie or other stuff when they free.. but i do papercraft and modeling..
*Bear is a male, Tiger is Female and they are not gay.... not like wat my roomie did to them when i am away... check it out here (18sx) http://-seangyik-.blogspot.com/2008/10/chee-kang-gay-pooh-finally-got-his.html

Thursday, October 2, 2008

USB Powered LED for Model Kits (ver. kangster)

First of all, i need to credit this brilliant idea to Dannychoo (http://www.dannychoo.com/) and MarvinYan (http://www.marvinyan.com/) on the tutorials on how to usb powered the LED for their gundams.
So, now this's my kangster version of doing it
Materials:OLD Pc Mouse ( Preferable those with LED),Wires,Cutter,Wiring Tapes
  1. Find yourself an old computer mouse lying around on the dirty cupboards of yours..

  2. Disassemble it.. And u shall see everything u need there the usb cable, the resistor, the LED.. (alternatively, u can get the resistor and led from ur local electrical shop.. hey but recycling is good rite!)
  3. Cut off the unused data wires from the usb cabel.. (Nope, u cant send any data to ur Gundam!..) Blue is for the ground and white for the power supply.

  4. Attach the resistor to the LED and the usb cabel.. (100 ohm resistor is needed for a single LED as the USB has 5volts and the LED only need 3volts.. Find urself a LED RESISTOR calculator if u need more than one LED http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz)

  5. Tape off all the wire to prevent Short Circuit! and it's ready to go!

This is the original power supply that i use for the LED..

Now, it's powered by USB...
This picture has nth to do with the tutorial... just to show the results of doing too many gundam modelling.

* The blogger has no responsibility for any short circuit or electrocuted meat that happen!

Happi Birthday My Beloved Roomie

Yo!.. Happi birthday to my roomie, SeangYik.... I love you yor, but i not gay aar..Go find my Pooh stuffed bear to gay k, he'll all yours tonite... muahahahaa juz kidding..

It has been the 4th year of our gaying in UTP, oops i mean roomating... no no, i dont mean mating.. Thanx so much for being my good roomate yar.. Although, sometimes i am silent in the room.. Although, sometimes i am crazy.. Although, sometimes i talk too much but i love yar ..
Sorry for always staying up late and disturbing you dreaming of ur sweet sweet hearts yar..
Wish You Healthy Always, Happy Always and All The Best For Yar Future

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Teluk Intan, I Love You.. My old time buddies, I Love You..

Okay, i suppose to get nervous this week cos next week will be a bz hell for me back at uni. Anyway, this is my postponed mid term break and raya holiday is a good time for me to release stress and to love my hometown.. It had been quite long since i have a great happi time here in Teluk Intan, my beloved Hometown.. although i back almost everyweek but i juz stay at home. This time around ,its different.. Some of my old times buddies are back, so we have our AGM again..
(AGM = Another Gay Meeting.. okay kinhee gave this term, we are not really gays but all boys nite)
I am really so happy on our outing session and yamcha session. Wow, we went out everynite since last saturday and sunday we went ipoh to grab some taugeh chic.. Really, this is the happiest time that i have in years.. Maybe i have commit suicide if not for this AGM with all my good old times buddies once in a while.. Hahaha.I always talk extragrated and my mouth talk craps like a automatic machine gun everytime we meet ,simply because i am so happy. Sorry, guys for being late everytime... I'll try to erase my bad habit okay... I always plan the time out but somehow i always ending up late..

Teluk Intan local food hunt : chu cheong fun... haha, on monday we have some bad time finding place for our yamcha session as all the place we wanna go closed.. went to Qing Sui Wan, it closed.. got to Suraabi, it closed.. finally end up having ice kacang at the old skomk building before my friend urging to hunt for this chu cheong fun.

We tried to go to the best chu cheong fun factory that only opens after 8pm, Liew Kee at Jln Hill , Pah Buey.. but forgot they dont open on sunday and monday.. hmm, next we proceed to the next best stall Sam Siew Yeh which are located on the main road near taman Ros. Aaaaargh, simply delicious smell... Eh, i suppose on diet now but how come still talk about food??

Really, many thanks to all my buddies for hanging out wit me in my beloved hometown . ChunVern,JiunnWoei,KhengHuat,SeangYik thanks so much... We missed yamcha yesterday nite,today dont miss it again yar and TeikBoon is back!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

EXIA 1/60 OOB Sneak preview

So, this is wat keeping me bz these few days..
With many days of sleepless nite and sleeping days..
No no No... i know wat u r thinking.. i am not stalking at nite...
so here's the sneak preview of my exia 1/60 OOB .. (OOB is the modeling term for Out Of Box)
Exia is the GN 001 MB (mobile suit) from GUndam 00... must watch if u haven't.erk.. although i haven't . still watching and the new series followup is coming soon tis october.

Trans Am mode with a led in the cockpit.... erm.. LED stolen from my father's cigarette lighter..
poor lighter, i'm so sorry... anyway it is a recycling usage of item soon to be dispose.. so Did i do a good community job for the enviroment??
Another picture..without LED
Whew.. this dude cos me lots of hard work and some part starting cracking up and break... in the process... I am blaming the GUNDAM ERASER as the cuplrit. So, becareful when using those. It is useful but will cause high stress and small areas of the ABS,PC plastic to be brittle and crack when too much Gundam Eraser liquid is applied.
And now, the bed of the modeller at work... don't think u wanna see this..
Lucky, i dont have a girl friend.. i have a messy life =P... anyway i am disqualified to get one.. i am happi to be single but not available.. haizzzz
Erk..woo kin hee , my good old friend tat say he get scared tat i started to get serious nowadays... (hmm, aint serious a good thing?)
so let's put a smile to tat kin hee face,don't worry i'm still crazy.... =) (jokangster,2008)

Project A ver.Kangster

So, this is my new project.. entitle Project A ver.kangster
ahhaha lame.. it's nth.. juz a project to revived my old flame.. to blog

{printf("hello, world");}

Yes, Hello world... or i mean blog world, I come in peace..
It had been 2 years since my last post on October 2006..
Oh,well 2 years of hiatus is nothing much..
Hmm, okay i am still lost in searching my state of divinity, i am still lost..
My old blog if anyone still remember it http://bitterblogster-kangster.blogspot.com/ ..
Anyway i am happy i am back..
okay i am lame ... but again

{printf("hello, blog world");}